Hit & Run Driver Stopped by Bystanders

One of our cafe patrons was driving to the cafe when he saw an approaching car hit a child who was sumersaulted by the blow.  As the child was crawling away, her head bleeding, the driver, a young man kept repeating, “it’s ok” to his companion.  They got into the car and were about to drive away when our patron pulled his car in front of theirs and told them, “you aren’t going anywhere.”  A restaurant next to the scene emptied out and people surrounded the car while somebody called the police.  Aid units and police arrived.  No word on the condition of the child.


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7 Responses to “Hit & Run Driver Stopped by Bystanders”

  1. “No word on the condition of the car.”
    Did you mean child? I hope she’s ok.

  2. No word on the condition of the car.
    made me snort my coffee out my nose holes

  3. Ummmm…. don’t you mean “no word on the condition of the child”??

  4. Holy crap! I hope the kid is ok. Good for the guy who stopped them!

  5. seattlegirl Says:

    It’s so good to hear stuff like this. I’d begun to wonder if anyone cares about where they live anymore…I live near Shorewood and was at Westwood Village yesterday. A shopping cart from Target had rolled into the road and tipped over, and cars were just driving around it and no one stopped to get it out of the way. I finally moved it after watching a couple cars and serveral people walk past it. And as I walked by QFC, a “gentleman” in a van unloaded his cart into his car and left the cart directly in the walkway. Again, I drove my son’s stroller over to the side, locked the wheels and moved that man’s cart out of the way. He never even made eye contact with me. These are small things, but where is the pride in where we live going? These things add up (along with garbage on the sides of the roads, etc) and then White Center and the surrounding areas just end up looking trashy. White Center already gets a bad rap, and sometimes it’s no wonder when you see all these things adding up. Thanks to the folks who stopped the hit and run driver and made him acountable for his actions!!

  6. It’s not just White Center, it’s everywhere. The grocery cart thing is a huge pet peeve of mine, and you see it everywhere from the Costco in SoDo to the Whole Foods “uptown” by my work. It’s a great metaphor for what people think of their community obligations and the general social considerations that come with living in large groups.

    Hope the kid who was hit by the car is okay – please post an update if you get one.

  7. seattlegirl Says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the almost hit and run guy?