The Famous Breakfast Burrito Returns to Cafe Rozella

As long time patrons of Cafe Rozella may remember, when we opened up (about four years ago) we featured a breakfast burrito (Greek and Mexican).  The burritos were universally praised and helped define the cafe.  For reasons that we will explain on a later day, we discontinued the breakfast burritos about two years ago.  Well, we are happy to announce that this week, the new and improved breakfast burrito will make its comeback.  And we will feature a choice of tortillas, including sun-dried tomato and Spinach as well as the good ole’ standby the flour tortilla.   So drop by and enjoy a breakfast burrito with some Lighthouse Coffee.  Cheers!

Rozella Breakfast Burrito a hit on Flickr.

Rozella Breakfast Burrito a hit on Flickr.

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5 Responses to “The Famous Breakfast Burrito Returns to Cafe Rozella”

  1. OH! oh oh OH! I’m stopping by this week to try these out. LOVE breakfast burritos! :d

  2. Since I never got to have one in the past, what might one find inside these famous burritos? Is there a non-meat option?

  3. Alcina, we had a great veggie option called the Greek Breakfast Burrito. Eggs scrambled in olive oil and garlic with feta cheese and olives and touch of cayenne pepper. Customers loved it. The other was a traditional Tex-Mex breakfast burrito with chorizo, Mexican cheese and pico de gallo. And yeah, we are definitely going to have a veggie option.

  4. Ricardo, the Greek burrito sounds yummy. I’m a little confused, however, is it available now? Thanks.

  5. I came, I gobbled, I LOVE!

    VERY tasty and actually bigger than your average breakfast morsel. The weekend ham and cheeze model nommed around 10am got me past supper time! WAY good! :d