New online offerings from White Center Community Development Association

January 8th, 2009 Tracy Posted in Online, White Center Community Development Association 1 Comment »

The new year brings new website features from the White Center Community Development Association — most notably, online classified ads for the community. You can check ’em out – and post one if you want — by going here.

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Blogger reviews Be’s

November 10th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Food, Online Comments Off on Blogger reviews Be’s

WCN’s FullTilt broke the news here when Be’s opened in White Center a while back. First comprehensive review I’ve seen is this one just posted by Tara.

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Cool story about the Technology Access Foundation …

September 29th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Online Comments Off on Cool story about the Technology Access Foundation …

… which is very active in White Center. Read it here.

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Where to see the White Center Cultural Center plans online

September 21st, 2008 Tracy Posted in Cultural Center, Online Comments Off on Where to see the White Center Cultural Center plans online

While checking the Highland Park Action Committee website in advance of HPAC’s next meeting tomorrow night (they’re the West Seattle community group closest to White Center, and also leading the fight against the two closest proposed city-jail sites, but they are tackling other issues too) – we were reminded that the site has a great page from the 7/31 meeting about the White Center Cultural Center plans. That was a week before White Center Now was launched, and we unfortunately weren’t at that meeting, but photos and part of the presentation, including the site plans, can be found here.

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From the White Center Now comments file

September 20th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Hicks Lake, Online, Volunteering Comments Off on From the White Center Now comments file

Thank you for starting and participating in lively discussions here on WCN, right from the start. Couple things we wanted to highlight this afternoon — First: Spirited discussions continue on threads that are now weeks old – so keep checking, if those are topics you’re interested in. In particular, our coverage of the last North Highline Fire District meeting is still drawing comments – including this one, just this morning, from “Concerned Firefighter.”

Second: Dick Thurnau from Friends of Hicks Lake just announced an event in comments on an “old” post. Before publishing it here to make sure everyone sees it, I wanted to note – if you’ve got something to announce – best thing to do is try one of these:
a) Send it to us and we’ll post:
b) Want to be a White Center Now contributor? This is a multi-contributor site – FullTilt, Ricardo, and I are the trio that launched it, but we’ve always hoped to have other participants. E-mail us at that same address,, and let us know what you’d like to write about, in general.

Now, the Hicks Lake event that Dick wants you to know about (also just added to the White Center Now Events Calendar):

Friends of Hicks Lake will sponsor and cooperate with KC Parks Evergreen Maintenance Dist for a cleanup day: On Saturday 9/27/2008 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Lakewood Park/ Hicks Lake.
Tools, gloves will be furnished — all we need is volunteers as there is a lot of work that needs to be accomplished. Students from Seattle Pacific University come annually.

This is an invite for all residents of North Highline to make a difference. Thank you in advance.
Dick Thurnau 206-244-4558

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New White Center Lost/Found Pets page

September 15th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Online, Pets 2 Comments »

Figured we would start one of these the first time someone wrote us asking for help in finding a lost pet, or finding the owner of a “found” pet – and our first such e-mail just came in, so the page is launched. See it here (and check out the missing-kitty photo); check the page any time from the list atop the left sidebar; and if you have lost or found a pet in the White Center area, e-mail us information (and a photo if available) to

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Coming to a school near you: Student info, online

September 11th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Online, Schools, Technology, White Center news Comments Off on Coming to a school near you: Student info, online

From the Highline School District eHighlights blog: Three schools (none in White Center, though) are now using the district’s new online info system eSIS – and by next school year, all schools in the district are expected to be plugged into it. Read more here; also check out several other new posts on eHighlights, including a $10,000 grant for the New Start High School library. Meantime, watch White Center Now later today for our interview with Mount View Elementary’s new principal, following his first week on the job.

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Checking back on the annexation discussion

August 23rd, 2008 Tracy Posted in Annexation, Online Comments Off on Checking back on the annexation discussion

Just six days after this website went live, I happened to be covering the 34th District Democrats‘ meeting in West Seattle for WSB, when Seattle City Council president Richard Conlin was asked about the annexation issue. Since I was already online from the meeting room, I quickly posted a short item here on WCN about his response. Little could we have guessed that one short item would draw 51 comments with spirited debate and information exchanges about the ongoing annexation issue. I mention this today, because two more long, thoughtful and thought-provoking comments came in within the past 18 hours, and are worth going back to read if you haven’t checked that thread since the first day or two. (See the original post and all 51 comments here.) Thanks for taking time to discuss, debate, and inform — WCN coverage will continue, and your participation will make it even better. (And keep an eye on our Events Calendar for important meetings on the issue.)

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The truth about crime and safety

August 22nd, 2008 Tracy Posted in Crime, Online 2 Comments »

In a growing and changing area like White Center that’s working to overcome outsiders’ inaccurate perceptions – it helps to have the facts. Here’s a good resource to look up the facts about crime and safety in your neighborhood — the King County Sheriff’s Office Crime Stats online search. You can search by area and date; here are the numbers you need to search by area – K1 is the patrol area from Roxbury to 112th, K2 covers 112th to 116th, N1 is 116th southward. Maps are included, so you can see if you’ve found the one covering your neighborhood.

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Our county executive, on day laborers

August 15th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Government, Online Comments Off on Our county executive, on day laborers

As the mercury rises, lots of people – maybe even you, if you read this hours after we write it – are out doing hard work in the heat. While adding links to White Center Now sidebars this past week, we noticed County Executive Ron Sims has a blog (it’s in our Your Government links). He’s got a new entry today, about day laborers, and how he believes they should be treated. Read it here.

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