Checking back on the annexation discussion

Just six days after this website went live, I happened to be covering the 34th District Democrats‘ meeting in West Seattle for WSB, when Seattle City Council president Richard Conlin was asked about the annexation issue. Since I was already online from the meeting room, I quickly posted a short item here on WCN about his response. Little could we have guessed that one short item would draw 51 comments with spirited debate and information exchanges about the ongoing annexation issue. I mention this today, because two more long, thoughtful and thought-provoking comments came in within the past 18 hours, and are worth going back to read if you haven’t checked that thread since the first day or two. (See the original post and all 51 comments here.) Thanks for taking time to discuss, debate, and inform — WCN coverage will continue, and your participation will make it even better. (And keep an eye on our Events Calendar for important meetings on the issue.)


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