READER VIDEO: House fire on 24th SW

Thanks to the reader who tipped us about this fire by texting that video (206-293-6302). Firefighters from North Highline and beyond have just finished putting out most of what was described in radio exchanges as a basement fire in a house on 24th SW (10300 block). Not much other information so far; they were dispatched just before 11:30 pm.

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2 Responses to “READER VIDEO: House fire on 24th SW”

  1. we live down the street and during our morning walk there was one remaining firetruck out front. we overheard one firefighter near the house say “its starting back up” to their partner so looks like they’re still putting out smaller fires. as of now (12:25pm) the chainsaws are still audible so seems there is still activity over there. so sad, the owner was always nice when we walked our dogs.

  2. Are there any other updates about this fire? Did everyone get out of the house safely?