CRIME WATCH: Search in north Burien after West Seattle carjacking

8:41 PM: An air and ground search is under way in north Burien right now after a pursuing following a carjacking in West Seattle. The pursuit went through White Center, south West Seattle, and other parts of Burien before two suspects were reported to have abandoned a stolen car – not the car taken in the carjacking – near 18th/116th. Police pursued two suspects through south West Seattle, White Center, and Burien after a carjacking. While the stolen vehicle is reported to be a white Audi, officers pursued another vehicle believed to be related, a dark gray Hyundai Tucson reported stolen from Federal Way. The Guardian One helicopter has been assisting; the suspects reportedly abandoned the Hyundai in north Burien, with a ground search ensuing too.

8:46 PM: They’ve taken one suspect into custody in the Salmon Creek Ravine area and are still searching for the other. The original armed carjacking happened in an alley off 35th SW in West Seattle just north of SW Roxbury.

9:14 PM: While the search continues, officers have just radioed that they’re closing streets in the area of 18th/116th.

11:03 PM: We weren’t able to monitor the end of the search live but here’s what we have since gleaned from archived audio: The second suspect apparently was bitten by a police dog and taken for treatment. Police have found various items of evidence in the area where the suspects ran, including a stolen gun, a backpack, and ski masks. The originally carjacked white Audi has been impounded (found thanks to a tracking device). We’ll be following up with police and prosecutors Monday and will add any other information that emerges sooner.

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4 Responses to “CRIME WATCH: Search in north Burien after West Seattle carjacking”

  1. Stephen Lamphear Says:

    At about 10:00 the ‘copter left the scene. All is quiet now.

  2. Apologies, took me a while to catch up as first they took everything to a more obscure radio frequency and to complicate things, I had to leave the desk for a bit. Just caught up with radio recordings and updating above.

  3. Kathryn Pjetursdottir Says:

    Boy my anxiety prone pitbull is curled up by my side; still shaky from the noise and activity around our neighborhood.

  4. Thank you for your report on this! We were on our way home through the area at 8:45-9. So many police cars were all over the area! Glad they caught the 2 carjackers!