Close call for customer when gunfire hits Patrick’s Café and Bakery

Thanks for the texted tip – we went over to Patrick’s Café and Bakery at 15th/100th after a report of gunfire at the intersection.

Speaking to us and other media at the scene, proprietor Patrick Choy said he and others in the cafe heard the gunfire around 10:40 am but didn’t see it – he speculates it was someone in a vehicle shooting at someone in another vehicle.

Some of the bullets hit the café building – no injuries but a very close call for a woman inside – her boot was hit by a bullet. Patrick said deputies found shell casings in the street, too. We checked with the King County Sheriff’s Office, which tells us they have no description information so far: “The suspects are unknown at this time.” Meantime, Patrick’s remains open for business as usual.

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One Response to “Close call for customer when gunfire hits Patrick’s Café and Bakery”

  1. Patrick, we’re sorry to hear about what happened. Thank you for being part of our wonderful community.