Encampment on east side of Myers Way to be cleared, WSDOT says

(First published on partner site West Seattle Blog)

(July photo courtesy Diane Radischat)

WSDOT has just announced that the long-in-the-works clearing of the encampment on the east side of Myers Way is imminent:

After two months of state partners actively working with service providers, local partners, law enforcement and neighbors, WSDOT crews posted a notice to vacate the encampment at Myers Way this morning. Service providers with KCRHA (REACH and PDA/CoLEAD) have offered services and housing that would reasonably match the needs of the people on site. Over 80% of those who were staying at the site have been matched with shelter or housing that will work for them; many have already moved to those accommodations. Outreach workers will continue to help everyone who has accepted housing to move off site over the next several days. Next week, WSDOT will begin cleaning and repairing the site, removing excess vegetation and making other modifications at the site to help prevent resettlement.

Two weeks ago, in its previous update, WSDOT had said that one-third of the known 50+ people on the site had moved into housing. The last community meeting about the situation was in July, around the same time WSDOT said RVs and other vehicles needed to be removed before they blocked off access. (As is clearly visible to passers-by, some remain.) Three months have passed since West Seattle/South Park City Councilmember Lisa Herbold said the city and state – both of which are property owners in the area – were working on “resolution” of the encampment situation, following incidents including a murder. Even before that, Arrowhead Gardens residents across the street had been pleading for something to be done, citing crime and safety concerns at their senior-living complex.

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  1. Good news!