LAST CALL! Tell King County Local Services what you need

Friday’s the deadline for this survey, if you haven’t responded to it already:

King County Local Services is asking people who live in unincorporated areas (areas that lie outside city limits) what would make their communities better places to live.

Local Services will work with communities to make a Community Needs List—a list of desired services, programs, facilities, and capital improvements—for each area. The county will use these lists to help make budget decisions next year.

► Online at
► By phone at 206-477-3800
► Questions?

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One Response to “LAST CALL! Tell King County Local Services what you need”

  1. Catherine Click Says:

    I think we should have more police officers, so seniors won’t be afraid to run to the store in the dark. Stores like rite aid and Fred Meyers..I do want to praise and thank GOD for the great job they do with limited resources