ELECTION 2023: Ballots due April 25th for special election on crisis-care levy

Less than 10 percent of King County voters have sent in their ballots so far for the April 25 special election. You’re voting on one issue: The countywide levy to fund crisis-care centers. Here’s an info-sheet about the levy. As noted here in January, this nine-year levy would raise a total of $1.25 billion to set up five new regional crisis-care centers, among other things. According to King County, “The levy would be assessed at 14.5 cents per $1,000 in assessed value, estimated to cost approximately $119 per year in 2024 for a median-priced home of $694,000.” Tuesday,April 25th is your deadline to get your ballot postmarked and into USPS mail, or (by 8 that night) into a dropbox. We have one in White Center, outside the library at 1409 SW 107th. (The full countywide list is here.)

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