UPDATE: Fire response at 28th/110th

3:38 PM: In case you saw the smoke and/or heard the sirens, there’s a big fire response right now at a home near 28th/110th. It was first reported as a garage fire but then grew, and the callout size was increased. Streets are shut down in the area, so stay clear for a while.

4:20 PM: That photo is from someone who was in the area in the early stage of the fire. Our crew is at the scene and tells us it is mostly out now. Nobody was hurt; the fire was confined to the detached garage, firefighters tell us. The initial report, as we heard on the scanner, came in from deputies who were in the area.

5 PM: Here’s the garage, post-fire:

7:16 PM: At tonight’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting, Deputy Bill Kennamer said the garage is used as a residence and the man who lives there was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

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7 Responses to “UPDATE: Fire response at 28th/110th”

  1. chris goethe Says:

    Deputy Kennamar saved the man’s life.

  2. Good Job to the man in Blue!

  3. Yikes! How scary. Have they identified the cause of the fire?

  4. White Center Neighbor Says:

    The man apparently set the fire himself. The deputies were there to serve a warrant on him and he baracadded himself in the garage. Apparently he now faces an arson charge as well as the other thing.

  5. Allen Haines Says:

    This is what really happened the cops illegally set foot on his property to apparently serve a misdemeanor warrant for DRIVING WHILE SUSPENDED , i mean really? , anyhow during this commotion some of the wood fell out of the wood stove that was burning setting off a bookshelf that had flammable items on it increasing the fire. Meanwhile the side door he was trying to get out of became jammed because the police were trying to kick the door in. Why were they trying to kick in a door for a misdemeanor warrant. So this caused Tommy then to find another way out but he could not see because of the smoke buildup. So he fired up his chainsaw to cut a hole out of his main door so he could escape. As he was doing this the police where cracking jokes and saying ha ha your gonna die if you dont get out of there. Now the police claim this was a rescue mission, utter bulls–t.

  6. LoL…this comment was like a soap opera. I’m sure there was more to it. Since you were not next to the cops or in the building with the guy. Anyway. He is not dead nor is our blue ( who when we need them they are there for us) and that’s sad about the fire. Period.

  7. Glad to hear he made it out. I hope Tommy makes a full recovery. Smoke inhalation is no joke. A friend of mine I grew up with became a fireman. He was crippled for life by smoke from a house fire he was fighting when his respiratory gear failed (his lungs were destroyed). You would not believe the amount of toxins in furniture, carpets, walls, plastics, metals, wood varnish and the like inside homes when burned. A very deadly mixture.