UPDATE: Shooting at Roxbury Safeway, suspect quickly taken into custody

12:57 AM: 1 person was reported to have been shot at the Roxbury Safeway a short time ago, and deputies quickly took a suspect into custody, reporting they had also seized a gun. No other information so far.

10:53 AM: The case was transferred to Seattle PD, after a determination that the primary scene was on their side of the city-limit line; we’ve added information from them to our coverage on partner site West Seattle Blog.

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: Shooting at Roxbury Safeway, suspect quickly taken into custody”

  1. Any news about the drive by at the Taco Bell on the same day? People were posting about it in the White Center andcthe Whute Center/Burien Crime Facebook groups. The helicopter was out.

  2. Nobody contacted us at the time and we don’t monitor social media. All it would take is one person to text us and that gets something on our radar. KCSO is a lot harder to get info out of than SPD these days, especially after the fact, but if we hear about something when it’s happening, we can get to the scene and try our luck there.