UPDATE: Shooting in downtown White Center kills 2

(Texted photo)

3:58 PM: Sheriff’s deputies are arriving at the scene of a shooting reported on 16th SW near SW 98th in downtown White Center. One person is reported to have been shot. No one is reported in custody. Deputies are closing traffic on adjacent streets. “Multiple rifle and pistol casings” are reported (described as “40 cal and .223”). Avoid the area.

(WCN/WSB photos/video from here, by Patrick Sand)

4:17 PM: Deputies have told dispatch there may be a second victim who someone is taking to the hospital. Also, an additional car is reported to have a bullet hole. Meantime, dispatch has told deputies that “two people with gunshot wounds” are in the ER at Harborview Medical Center.

4:21 PM: And dispatch reports “a third” person was just “dropped off” at the hospital. And that’s all before the victim at the scene was taken there – a medic unit is just now departing White Center with that person.

4:32 PM: Our crew at the scene sent that photo of deputies with shell-casing markers outside Taradise Café. Deputies told dispatch that witnesses described the shooter as a Black man in his 30s wearing an orange hoodie, gray beanie, and light-blue jeans, He was reportedly shooting from “behind cover” of a vehicle parked nearby. A victim is reported to have been in this car that subsequently went up on the sidewalk and into the business building on the northeast corner of 16th/98th.

5:27 PM: Our crew is still at the scene and we expect a briefing soon by KCSO’s spokesperson; we’ll add the update when that happens. Also, if you’re noticing a helicopter – that’s TV.

5:52 PM: KCSO’s Sgt. Tim Meyer confirms four people were shot and says two have died. (added) He wouldn’t confirm anything else, but for the record, here’s our video of his briefing:

7:07 PM: We also added more photos inline above. Also note more gunshot damage – like this business window:

A commenter on our partner site West Seattle Blog says she saw the shooting happen, amid an apparent argument.

We’ll add any new details that emerge tonight and beyond.

10:15 PM: Deputies have told dispatch that roads are reopening.

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58 Responses to “UPDATE: Shooting in downtown White Center kills 2”

  1. I was just down there on street in front of Ikes and heard the shots. Did not see anything, but man it was a loud series of bangs. Frightening to hear. Figured it was gunfire but was not sure. Thanks for your reporting.

  2. Move along Says:

    How many shootings at Taradise does this make? Five incidents with nine victims?
    Maybe it’s time for this place to go.


  4. It’s not the place it’s the lack of police presence because white center is NOT patrolled by the SPD. It’s left to the sherrifs office and they only have enough for 1 cop in the whole town. A d btw he frequents Taradise. I used to bartend there so I know what goes on.

  5. Totally agree!

  6. You need to “fact check”! Five incidents and nine victims?! That is so untrue! Why exaggerate?! It’s not Taradise, it’s the neighborhood. Establishments cannot control what happens in the neighborhood around them. That parking lot is huge and people can easily hide and escape out the back alley. It’s been that way for decades….since it was Marv’s Broiler. Can’t change the hood. White Center has always been rough.

  7. Clementine Says:

    There are plenty of other bars….other sketchy bars in white center – no shootings except Taradise!!!

  8. Hater! It’s not the business, it’s the neighborhood.

  9. Thank you!! You know!!

  10. 0 inside establishment all happened either across the street or in front or in the parking lot. Again TARADISE IS NOT TO BLAME. LACK OF POLICE PRESENCE IS.

  11. Stuff happens there all the time and did before the new owners bought it, this place has always been trouble for as long as i can remember…

  12. That’s so awful. Please share updates on the victims as soon as you are able. Hoping they are okay.

  13. Discerning Says:

    I think at least 3 incidents with Taradise since it has been opened. But either way, 3 too many.

  14. Everyone and their brother chooses to park in Taradise‘s parking lot to visit other establishments. And then when things like this happen in her parking lot, Taradise gets blamed. It’s so wrong.

  15. Neighbor123 Says:

    I have never once even thought about parking in Taradise… that place is not very inviting and I agree it needs to go

  16. Fact check, plus, that may be only what is reported. Tara is great, but be real, there needs to be more personal policing and stop the drug dealing and arms carrying people from hanging out in the hood. It starts with the owners/bar-restaurant managers/police. Defunding won’t really help. Turning a blind eye and placing blame without taking responsibility doesn’t help either. IMO, if you don’t do anything to stop it, you can’t blame others.

  17. Kimberly D Valadez Says:

    “Lucky one” posted on west Seattle blog and saw the whole exchange up close

  18. Mark L Ufkes Says:

    Respect White Center. White Center is a “No Violence and no Shooting Zone”. Your bullets can kill others over a mile away.
    Damn you. Your shooting threatened my family too. Stop the killing in White Center. Five dead now at this one business.
    Close it now.

  19. Why does everyone always blame Taradise? The establishment cannot control what people do in that hood! Shootings happen allll over Seattle. Alki, West Seattle, Rainier Beach, Downtown. Taradise is not the problem. It’s the whole city! And for your information, the first incident happened across the street in front of the”tobacco” store. Second incident was a drug deal gone bad…out of Taradise’s control. Yes, in the parking lot, but EVERYONE parks there for all the establishments in WC. It is out of Taradise control. And now today….not Taradise’s fault that people constantly use their parking lot….WC is the hood. Taradise just happens to be in it. There was a shooting at Starbucks, down the street not long ago. Stop blaming Taradise for everything that happens in WC!!!

  20. Drug deal gone bad? Are any drug deals good?

  21. Lee…no. No, drug deals are not good. It happened in the parking lot and no one knew what was happening until the shooting happened. How is Taradise supposed to know that someone who came in for a drink and left, was going to their car to do a drug deal? This kind of thing happens everywhere.

  22. Artricheryl Says:

    People there’s “bad people” in the world that travel. Makes establishments that are legitimately doing business an escape goat.

  23. If a business owner is having people dealing drugs in their parking lot and shooting other people, it’s their responsibility to do something to secure their parking lot. The sheriff is there constantly on the weekends, responding to incidents at Taradise.

    This is not a one off incident. I’ve been here 30 years. This didn’t happen at Marv’s, no other bar in the area has this high of a concentration of violence. This isn’t a coincidence.

  24. No other bar in white center wands their customers

  25. I don’t know where you get your information but you are wrong! I was there that night there was a shooting and it happened across the street in front of the smoke shop. Then
    some random dudes were doing a drug deal in her parking lot which is out of Taradise’s control, and they shout each other. Employees can’t stand there constantly and watch to see who’s parking there and if they’re coming into Taradise or not. There was a shooting down the street not long ago at Starbucks and guess who got blamed? Taradise! That woman has worked so hard to build that business and the things that happen in White Center are out of her control. Taradise is not to blame. White center is the hood…..always has been and it always will be.

  26. I’ve lived in WC area near downtown WC for 7 years. And the area has been changing for the better. The neighborhood is very diverse and that’s what I like about it. All the business are very nice and welcoming to all. People always say it’s rough – and make comments about WC – I fell safe walking down the street and in the neighborhood.
    And do we know the people involved lived in the neighborhood? They could be coming to hangout from somewhere else. It is unfortunate that many of the shootings take place at or near Taradise. I lot of people like that place – I haven’t been there.
    I just wish the riff raff would take their beef somewhere else.

  27. Thank you! Taradise is such a diverse spot and people come just to have a good time and hang out. Slick Watts and Shawn Kemp love it there! It’s a fun spot and everyone knows each other there. It’s like Cheers. It makes me so mad that Taradise gets blamed for everything that happens in WC!! Taradise is a great spot and the gentrification of WC is trying to push Taradise out! Stop the haters! Taradise is not the problem.

  28. White Center is great.

  29. Yes! Thank you! I love White Center! I teach at Evergreen. My children are students at EHS and Cascade. I know and love my neighbors. I know several of the business owners. People have GOT to stop talking about this community full of beautiful people in such a hateful way. If you live here, go out and support the community! Take a walk! Buy a local coffee! Play at the park!

  30. I worked in WC with King County for the better part of 10 yrs. It was always a rough crowd. I moved to San Francisco in 2010 and moved back in 2016. I was really impressed with how much better it is here that it was. So much so I moved into the neighborhood. There has been shootings in Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland… it is going to happen wherever you live in todays day and age. Sounds like to me he just used the parking lot as an opportunity to hide. Dont blame just 1 thing, blame the person committing the act.

  31. Given the current social climate that encourages and glorifies this kind of behavior from these kinds of people, I wouldn’t hold my breath for this kind of thing to be stopping anytime soon.

  32. Where did you get the idea that society encourages and glorifies this behavior?

  33. meanmistermustard Says:

    Racist talk radio (Cable shows, internet garbage forums) probably. It is the kind of statement that isn’t rational or supported by reality, but you can hear the hateful lies underneath its unspoken assumptions.

  34. Y’all are goofy an naive if you think a business controls the community an also naive if you think it’s safe lol mayby an mayby in the day but no one here posting will go there at night and I bet you that wc will always have this reputation as long as it’s lower income community…ya it’s great if you mind your own we have ran an owned a business there for over 15 years it can be a great place but can also give you days like this condolences to the family’s in all this

  35. I go there at night. I am a white, middle aged woman, and I could get shot when I go downtown, or at Pegasus Pizza on Alki (shooting there last summer) Starbucks in WHITE CENTER (recent shooting) or even in my own neighborhood, in Burien. Gun violence is everywhere. Taradise is a “family” and it is not a bad place. All of you who are talking smack, don’t even know. Other business owners (AND the Sheriff) in the area even frequent Taradise so just stop blaming and shaming what you don’t know anything about!

  36. Taradise is not to blame for this!!! I used to bartend there it’s a wonderfully diverse family of people of all ages and cultures. The real issue is that SPD do not have jurisdiction in White Center. leaving the king Co sherrifs to patrol the area. They only have 2 police available until something like this happens. White Center is a drug dealers paradise. No cops doing anything until something like this happens.

  37. Plz stop. Don’t blame the police, Taradise is a ongoing issue it’s certainly not the first time they have had Wild West shootouts. It should be closed.

  38. Grouchy Gato Says:

    Unfourtunately, this seems to be a regular ocurrence for White Center. I would not say it is necessarily “the hood”.
    It has it’s rough spots and while I happen to live in the “nice part” of white center, I have lived in and around the neighborhood for years. I have a good job but am not rich enough for a 800k house and wanted to own my own home not a tiny condo. Most people I know in the neighborhood are like me and I have never had an issue in and around my immediate home or the surrounding residential streets. Without exception everyone I have met and all my neighbors are awesome hardworking and quiet people. Lots and lots of families just starting out. That being said I work night shift and would not even think about taking the 120 by myself and going down that part of 15/16th at night by myself. I won’t even drive to the bars unless I’m with friends or my husband. I wouldn’t say it’s one particular business that’s bad but I would say that whole swatch of 15/16th is sketchy. I often see hookers and drug dealers out there on my way to work at night. They’re pretty obvious and they’re not congregating in one particular parking lot, and I drive that area at night literally every single night

  39. The Taradise Cafe needs it’s liquor license revoked. This establishment has been the reason for so much gun violence in the area. If you look on Facebook, you will find out that they were have a memorial service for a gang member called “G-Nutt” (Gangsta Nutt) in the Taradise when this happened. Apparently this was the name of someone else that was gunned down in front of this bar. The bartender who works there is trying to defend the place in another thread, but it’s obvious to anyone looking that there is gang violence attributed to this bar including drug activity. There is evidence of this all over the place. Ya, Heidi…it’s the business… CLOSE DOWN TARADISE!

  40. Where on FB did you see this? There WAS a service for him….LAST SUNDAY, and it was calm and a beautiful thing. Everyone was respectful and there were no problems.

    Like I said… the parking lot is big, and employees are constantly chasing out people who are just “hanging out”. Unfortunately, it is a constant battle, and can’t be stopped. Someone else here said the Sheriff is there every weekend responding to problems. That is not true. There is security on the weekends, to keep the problems OUT! What more can the owner do?! The Sheriff comes in during the day often, just to visit with the owner and chat with customers. White Center is the hood and IS the problem! There are drug dealers, homeless and prostitutes roaming the streets. It’s a cesspool.

    Did you know that the owner lets the cold homeless people come warm up inside during the winter? Did you know that she feeds the homeless on holidays? Like, real holiday, home cooked meals? What do ANY of you, who are shaming her, do, to help with any of these issues?!?! I’ll wait to hear………. Leave Tara and Taradise alone! This sort of thing happens ALL over Seattle. Taradise is not the problem. It’s the streets of White Center!!

  41. Megan Hendrickson Says:

    Nailed it!!!!

  42. Sorta funny people are defending taradise when you have eye witnesses on the news saying tension was so thick inside the joint customers and staff knew something was gonna go down!! This place is nothing but problems and it needs to go!! Drive by any given Friday/Saturday night and people are always arguing and fighting outside this place

  43. So naive to think the business is the cause of this violence. You really think closing Taradise would improve white center?

  44. Wishing WC Well Says:

    We were happy to know a staff person from WS Charlestown Cafe had opened Taradise Cafe in WC some years ago and went looking for some good food. Yikes! This was a week or two after it opened and some pretty sketchy “clientele” were already swaggering through the business with beers in hand like they owned the place. Guess they did. We never went back. It didn’t surprise us when the bad reputation followed.

  45. We had the exact same experience.

  46. pete mitchell Says:

    Taradise must be closed!! The place is not safe!!! CLOSE IT NOW!!!!!

  47. The violence and drug dealing used to be at the bus stops on 15th, by DSHS and Bartells. Then Taradise opened and it all moved to her parking lot for whatever reason. If the business owner wanted to discourage this type of activity on their property, they would add better lighting and security cameras to this area. And since when is a parking lot with 10-12 spaces considered a “large parking lot” in White Center? Quit defending Taradise’s lack of action and respect for the safety of everyone in the neighborhood.

  48. note from Lucky One – We were going to the Crafish House to celebrate my birthday, the street looked so busy that we were “lucky” to find a parking spot in front of Taradise Cafe. As mentioned many times, the parking lot of Taradise is used by patrons of many surrounding biz that do not provide their own adequate parking spots.

  49. It’s a mercy that the general seediness of that couple block strip of White Center continues to exist because it seems to be the only thing keeping the neighborhood affordable. Mark my words, if that strip gives in to “gentrification” we will all be priced out of one of the few somewhat affordable neighborhoods left in the Seattle metro area.

  50. The day taradise is gone that block will truly transform. Trust me that sketchy crowd is not going to buho, lumberyard or boombox.

  51. Did they get the shooter(s)?

  52. No arrest that I have heard.

  53. Not 24 hours after the shooting, Taradise is open and filled with patrons.

    No acknowledgement by the owner, no condolences, no accountability. If Tara wants her business to be part or the community, she needs to be responsible for the harm her business is causing.

    But open amd having a good old time a day after blood was shed and lives were lost.

  54. Well said, Chris. We walked by early the next morning and were disappointed there was no acknowledgement by Tara; the morning’s patrons already seated.

    Is this the 3rd incident in front of Taradise? I am great with having Taradise as a neighbor, but there have not been 3 shootings in front of Lil Woody’s, so one must acknowledge the correlation.

    Out of respect for those who have died, been impacted by this incident and our community, at a minimum, it would be nice if Tara hired outside security.

  55. Of greatest importance, White Center will always be a dump, and White Center has always been a dump.

    Some clueless fool suggested that the block on which Taradise sits will “transform” (implication: for the better) at the moment Taradise is gone.

    That block hasn’t changed notably in several decades, and nothing about “Rat City” then or now could change it.

    Marv’s Broiler was amusingly more of a dump than Taradise could ever be. (at least daylight leaks into Taradise at some hours)

    Tara, at her core, is and comes from “good people”. Admittedly it takes something to fit-in to a dumpy community such as White Center. You don’t need Taradise to find news broadcasts of people shot in White Center at 3:00am… that is standard procedure for such an eyesore of an area.

    If you want to improve White Center, the notion must begin by Seattle annexing the dumpy area. Tara and Taradise have nothing to do with that pursuit.

    At the end of the day, if Taradise weren’t occupying the eyesore of a building that was historically Marv’s Broiler, then some other dumpy business would be there.

    That block is preordained from ancient times to be a trashy eyesore.

    If you people want to “improve White Center”, how about you bring back Astroland for a start?

  56. shotinthefoot Says:

    I can’t see how you can say “it’s the hood, not the bar” when Taradise is literally the only bar this happens at. There haven’t been any shootings at Drunky’s, Beer Star, Dotties, Buho, Lumberyard or the Triangle, and yet there have been 4 shootings either at or originating from Taradise. I was not surprised to hear they’re open and no one has said a thing. Not surprised but pretty grossed out. Every other business in the area is affected by the crap that goes on at Taradise but management there doesn’t seem to care.

  57. When there are altercations or people that are causing problems the bartenders kick them out. Most of the time it is older adults there especially at 4 pm. Ten years ago this stuff was happening in the Alaska junction. This is not just a Taradise problem. This stuff is happening all over King County.

  58. Cause Haun Says:

    There is a GoFundMe set up for one of the victim’s, Tyrone Anthony Harris, Jr.’s mother who has now lost three sons. I can’t think of a better way to help another mother on Juneteenth or Tyrone’s children on Father’s day, during such relentless pain for this family. If it’s in your heart, please consider giving before Monday.