Motorcyclist killed in Highway 509 crash

The State Patrol says a motorcycle rider was killed after he crashed into the guardrail on southbound Highway 509 south of White Center around 7:20 this morning. WSP identifies the rider as 26-year-old Allen S. Sutton of Bellingham and says he was the only one involved in the crash, which troopers blame on going “too fast for conditions.” Roads were slick and temperatures still around freezing at the time.

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One Response to “Motorcyclist killed in Highway 509 crash”

  1. This not to surprising with how some people choose to drive around here .If people would think and follow traffic laws it would be a lot better . That won’t happen because too many people are just dumb and don’t think or don’t care if they die or kill a family . It’s all about getting from point a to point b as fast as possible .