YOU’RE INVITED: ‘The Elephant in the Democratic Party – Racism in Political Institutions’

From the 34th District Democrats:

March 27 (Saturday, 10:30-noon) we are presenting a special program called The Elephant in the Democratic Party – Racism in Political Institutions.

Our webpage:

Racism is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest and in liberal spaces. Join us for a 90-minute presentation which will cover the history of systemic racism in political institutions and Progressive policies, and how it continues today. As members and leaders in the Democratic Party, we will gain new tools on how we can listen, reflect, and engage in important conversations that are necessary as we continue the fight against racism.

Presented by Olgy Diaz, who serves as a PCO in the 29th Legislative District as well as on the Boards of Casa Latina, Institute for a Democratic Future, and the National Women’s Political Caucus of WA.

This is a FREE presentation offered to the community by the 34th Democrats.


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3 Responses to “YOU’RE INVITED: ‘The Elephant in the Democratic Party – Racism in Political Institutions’”

  1. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I am confused. The info on the 34th’s webpage says it will be in the evening on Monday, 3/27/21 (not Saturday morning).

  3. Perhaps something wrong with their website, as 34th Dems’ chair Carla Rogers’ announcement sent to us reiterates the day, date, time multiple times, and this is the full official flyer: