REMINDER: North Highline Community Needs Survey open until year’s end

Have you answered the survey yet? David Goodman wants to ensure you are heard before time runs out:

I am writing to encourage you to share your priorities for your neighborhood on the North Highline Community Needs List survey by the end of 2020. Beginning in early 2021, our department will begin reviewing these priorities with other departments to prepare for further consultation with community members in the spring.

The list of ideas is now over 150 items long! Some of the priorities that have been most frequently identified so far include:

Sidewalks, street lighting, and street trees
Traffic calming measures in residential neighborhoods
Create pocket parks and community-centric amenities like a pea patch or community garden
Improvements at White Center Heights Park
Crisis response for those needing mental health or substance-abuse services
Early intervention, prevention for kids and youth
Clean up abandoned or vacant buildings
Prioritize working on gang, drug issues and long standing nuisance houses/repeat offenders

On this survey, you’ll be able to see all of the community-generated ideas for the Community Needs List and identify which ones are a priority for you. You can also add new ideas if your priorities are not reflected already.

There will be plenty of opportunity to provide feedback and continue this conversation in 2021, but the next few weeks are the best time to make sure your idea receives consideration from King County.

This survey and all other materials are also available in Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, and Khmer.

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