HELPING: TLC for North Shorewood Park

Thanks to Gill for sending news of last weekend’s work party at North Shorewood Park.

Gill explains, “Sean and crew including four volunteers worked hard for a few hours trimming back some of the rapid spring/summer growth.”

Gill took the first photo; the other three are by Sean.

Thanks to everyone for their work helping the neighborhood shine!

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One Response to “HELPING: TLC for North Shorewood Park”

  1. It’s been a little while since this item was posted but I wanted to say thanks as always to the organizers and volunteers!

    I live nearby this park and would love to help out as well, but I seem to always read about it after the fact (no knock on the WCN/WSB crew).

    Is there a place I can sign up for updates/planning for future volunteer opportunities like this? Or maybe the WCN publisher could pass my info along to Gill or whoever organizes these?