PHOTOS/VIDEO: March for Black Lives in White Center – ‘The revolution is here’

5:36 PM: The Community March for Black Lives had hundreds of people filling 16th SW south of Roxbury, and now they’re on Roxbury headed back toward the starting point at Greenbridge. Much more coverage to come.

8:41 PM: Adding photos, first from the gathering at Greenbridge Plaza:

Above is Semone Andu, who told the crowd at the plaza, “We are living in a historic moment … The revolution is here!” He said that revolution would dismantle “the capitalist system built on the bones, blood, and labor of indigenous people.” He called this the “time of the great confrontation” and warned that no one has “the luxury of being a bystander … Holding a sign is not enough … you need to do the work.” Also speaking, Marisha Tolliver:

And from 16th SW, after the participants marched south on 8th, west on 102nd, and north on 16th:

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6 Responses to “PHOTOS/VIDEO: March for Black Lives in White Center – ‘The revolution is here’”

  1. Thank you all for the demonstration supporting all who live in our great diverse community! What a crowd.

  2. Thank you neighbors for marching!

  3. Great work on keeping all safe with organizer traffic monitors! I did not see any police presence and all was peaceful. People did a good job not engaging an All Lives Matter man yelling.

  4. Neighbors in West Seattle Says:

    Marisha Tolliver – You are a prophet. Your words ring true.

    In solidarity and love,

    Your neighbors in West Seattle

  5. I Love White Center!

  6. From SW WA. Had coffee in the triangle with a friend & the pup yesterday. Such an amazing place reinventing itself, while honoring its roots!!

    Thanks for being you, White Center!