FOLLOWUP: Southside Pizza robbery suspect charged

The 27-year-old man arrested in connection with last week’s Southside Pizza robbery, Vernon L. Jackson Jr., is now charged.

We’ve obtained the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office court documents charging Jackson with first-degree robbery. They say that after his arrest in Seatac on Friday, Jackson admitted to the robbery, saying he did it to get money for drugs and that he didn’t expect anyone to be in the restaurant’s office when he broke in.

His criminal history, according to prosecutors, includes convictions for residential burglary and auto theft. The charging documents also reveal how Jackson was identified as a suspect; A pawn-shop employee saw the security video of the robbery and recognized him from a transaction on New Year’s Eve. A bulletin for his arrest was put out on Friday morning, and hours later a deputy saw his car and followed to a gas station, where he made the arrest. Jackson, a Burien resident, remains in the King County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bail; his arraignment is set for January 16. (Image: KCSO screengrab from robbery video)

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5 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Southside Pizza robbery suspect charged”

  1. So with a bond of 10% $15,000 he is out and what keeps him from running with a warrant . They should of gave him no bail .

  2. If he had $15,000 available, he probably wouldn’t have been desperate enough to pull a robbery like this for double digits to fund a fix. Anyway, 8 days later and he’s still in jail. I very seldom see suspects with six-figure bail amounts get out.

  3. @Tracy Well some how he bonded out of his previous DUI that was $3,500 in October of 2019 . All he needs is family/friends and a lawyer to come up with his bail . He does not need the money him self he just needs to con people in to coming up with it . I hope he stays in jail and goes to prison for the maximum time .

  4. Well, he’s out, as I’ve reported atop the page. I would *not* have expected to see bail cut in a case like this.

  5. @Tracy looks like he seen a judge his bail was lowered to $25,000 . He made bail most likely family and friend’s paid lawyer and the lawyer paid a bondman’s . Now if he run’s or gets in more trouble . He will have bondman’s after and the police .