Your next chance to get involved in planning our area’s future is this afternoon. David Goodman, who’s leading the county’s work on the North Highline Subarea Plan, sent this message:

Thank you to everyone who has engaged with us over the past few months about the North Highline Subarea Plan! Since we began this process in July we have attended over 20 meetings with community leaders and groups and received nearly 100 responses to our survey. We sincerely value your involvement and input in this process.

I will be holding office hours on Thursday, October 24 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the White Center Library (1409 SW 107th St). Please stop by if you’d like to chat about anything related to the Subarea Plan.

We are now moving into a new phase of the planning process. My colleagues and I will spend the next few weeks drafting an outline of the North Highline Subarea Plan that addresses the issues that the community has shared with us. Beginning in mid-November and running through the end of January, we will share that outline with the community and work together to ensure that the Plan is reflective of your values and vision for the future.

The North Highline Subarea Plan survey, available in English and Spanish, will remain open through the end of the month. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts on your neighborhood and help direct our planning work.

Please visit the North Highline Subarea Plan website for more information.

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3 Responses to “NORTH HIGHLINE SUBAREA PLAN: Have a say today!”

  1. Would like to address possible sidewalk on Eastside of 12th Ave SW as many school children and pedestrians use both side of street,it becomes more dangerous when firetruck blares down 12th Ave and safety issue when there is no elevated sidewalk, disaster waiting to happen. I also would like to voice concern on how SW 35th Ave from Roxbury southwards to 107th had brand new sidewalk installed being there are no fire engines blaring down this area NOR school children. So disappointing that our neigborhood seems to be labeled low income, yet high income area gets the sidewalk.

  2. Great point on 12th. Sidewalks are always a good thing, especially around schools. Burien has the same issue north of Sylvester Middle School; lots of kids walking along the street without sidewalks towards its down town area.

    The nice new sidewalks on 35th is a City of Seattle project, and there is a grade school (Arbor Heights) just north of that site. The Seattle city line stops at Roxbury except in Arbor Heights where it includes all the Arbor Heights homes past 35th going south. Go on line and fill out the King County North Highline Subarea Plan survey and mention the sidewalk needs on 12th.

    Mark Ufkes

  3. Thanks David for all the outreach and opportunities to comment! I look forward to seeing the preliminary plan.