FYI: Crash investigation off 509

If you’re headed southbound, an FYI from KCSO:

The photo and update are via Twitter: “Collision investigation in Burien near S 128/ SB on-ramp 509. Suspect vehicle fleeing a shoplift struck a truck at a high rate of speed. Police were not involved prior to the collision. Suspect vehicle passenger critical injuries. EB S 128 will be closed while MARR investigates.”

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2 Responses to “FYI: Crash investigation off 509”

  1. So someone suspected of shoplifting left the scene, drove at a high rate of speed WITHOUT ANY POLICE PURSUIT, and crashed into a truck. It is mind boggling why someone would do that.

  2. @Blair J There was another shopper chasing the shoplifter . The shoplifter now is in critical condition will hopefully be arrested and charge to fullest extent of the law for there stupidity .