Driver hits White Center Bartell Drugs building

Startling sight at the northeast side of Bartell Drugs’ White Center building – a driver missed the turn snd hit the building instead. No injuries; we’re told the building damage will be assessed once the car is towed.

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6 Responses to “Driver hits White Center Bartell Drugs building”

  1. Rhohana Mary Banks Says:

    Thank god no one was hurt I was two car in front when this happened today scared the sh-t out of me

  2. udontneedtoknowmyname Says:

    I heard police sirens in the morning while i was sleeping, it was at like around 7-10am ish. was it for this incident?

  3. Nope; there was a fire. Don’t have details on it, though, as the county doesn’t keep a 911 log like the city and we didn’t get any tips with a location.

  4. Question Mark Says:

    Wow, that is some really high speed damage, not just a lil’ fender-bender.

  5. The fire was a house fire at 8th SW & SW 106th.

  6. The “driver missed the turn” was traveling westbound on Roxbury at an estimated speed of 50mph in a stolen car. He survived running south on 14th Ave. SW and was not caught. A car nearly hit tried following him but a car pulled up alongside and a gun was pointed at the driver at which point they stopped the chase. The car was totaled but,luckily, the Bartell building was not damaged. Landscaping will be replaced.