TONIGHT: North Highline meeting about King County Comprehensive Plan

Just a reminder – 6 pm at Seola Gardens is the North Highline version of the King County Comprehensive Plan briefing and Q&A, as first noted here in early June. Even if you can’t go to the meeting, you’re still invited to comment on proposed changes – find out more here. The major WC-related amendment we’re seeing is one related to the planned affordable housing/nonprofit-organization “hub” project at 8th/108th.

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5 Responses to “TONIGHT: North Highline meeting about King County Comprehensive Plan”

  1. Question Mark Says:

    King County is proposing a limit on marijuana stores in the North Highline unincorporated area. I believe the number they have been thinking of is 4, but the number is left blank in the documents presented for public comment, not yet finalized.

    How does a limit of 4 compare to other nearby communities?

    Burien – 2
    Tukwila – 2
    SeaTac – 0
    West Seattle/Delridge/South Park – 2

    Given the low numbers permitted in these nearby communities, what makes unincorporated White Center different?

  2. Questionmark shouldn’t you be more concerned personally with the limits on cannabis shops in skyway the area you currently live in .

    If you look at the reports there has not been a real up tick in crime at cannabis shops in white center and teenage/underage usage of cannabis has dropped not gone up . Two common concerns of neighborhoods surrounding cannabis businesses . Also the smell from growing and producing has regulations to be followed to keep the smell from being a bother .

    Then also if they set a limit on how many stores can be open . Could discouraged members of different races from opening a store in white center . Setting up for future lawsuits and calls of racist or racism in the county offices . This has been a concern in the legalized cannabis community .

  3. Question Mark Says:

    Jimmy, you know why I am concerned, after our many online conversations.

    And it has to do with the fact that King County policies have concentrated the stores in just two small unincorporated communities.

    Not good municipal government. Slimy and corrupt really.

  4. @questionmark I actually not sure what your issue is because you keep changing it . Now you have your opinion which is fine . The report that king county say that what your opinion is false . That the city’s in the surrounding city’s had council meetings and came up a number of stores to have (the city of Everett is currently attempting to get more stores) . Then other factors come into play like the rules and laws blocking these non-medical endorse stores from opening . There areas that don’t like these stores theirs areas that open these places to more crime .
    But in your eyes you think king county has done this on propose no matter what they say .

    Show us your proof every time I have asked you you have failed to show your proof.

  5. @questiomark it’s been a little over a week and I don’t see your proof that king county is or has purposely put these pot shops in the unincorporated areas or that they have any say where these stores are located . As long they follow the rules or laws and there no public issues. You seem to not include the LCB which also looks for rule/law violations . When processing a request for these types of businesses .But you seem to only want to blame or accuse king county of any wrong doing . It makes me wonder if you just have issues with king county offices or some issue with someone that works there or has been voted in a office you distrust them for some reason .