PHOTOS: Jubilee Days 2019’s biggest day

You have just one more hour to go see the amazing Jubilee Days car show, on 17th SW south of Roxbury:

This car is dedicated to Seahawk legend Russell Wilson, with highlight audio:

When we finally got over to check it out, we also discovered the street fair is NOT closing 16th SW as the website had said – we found some booths on SW 98th east of 17th, like Oranj‘s very local T-shirts:

We did find one special thing on 16th – this hydro:

At 5 o’clock, the main stage music starts inside Southgate Roller Rink.

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One Response to “PHOTOS: Jubilee Days 2019’s biggest day”

  1. HelperMonkey Says:

    What the heck happened, White Center? Why no Jubilee Days on 16th this year? Last year was incredible and was so great for local businesses – I thought it was better even than Summerfest in the Junction. This year they just couldn’t get it together? What gives? I’d heard something from a business owner not to expect anything this year but I couldn’t believe it until I saw the nothingness with my own eyes. Super disappointed with WC businesses for dropping the ball this year.