TRAFFIC ALERT: Roundabout work

8:59 PM: We’ve been reporting about some modifications planned to the roundabout at 8th SW/SW 108th, and today, King County Roads tweets: “Full road closure on 8th Ave. SW north of the roundabout at SW 108th St. in White Center today, 11 am – 2 pm for pavement work. Flaggers will be present on site. Expect delays.”

ADDED 1:30 PM: We asked for details on the work they’re doing (which continues all week). County spokesperson Brent Champaco replied, “The contractor will be raising the pavement surrounding the roundabout to smooth the “lip” of the roundabout’s apron. This will help to create a more gradual transition for transit vehicles. This work is scheduled to be complete by Friday and is weather dependent.”

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4 Responses to “TRAFFIC ALERT: Roundabout work”

  1. In other words, the incompetent road engineers in king county cost us tax payers tens of thousands of dollars because they didn’t get it right the first time.

  2. That roundabout is way to LARGE !
    I have NEVER seen a roundabout this large in diameter.
    No wonder commercial traffic, including a local bus,
    can’t make the turn.

    Wasn’t Metro involved in this design?

    I never saw a sign at the bus stop on the South side of
    SW 108th St. stating “No Bus stops here.”

    A person could wait until ……they die.

  3. Audrey roberts Says:

    I agree that roundabout is way too large. Safety for our children would have been a sidewalk like the unnecessary sidewalk installed on the west side of 35th Ave SW from Roxbury to 107th….no schools in that area to justify nor foot traffic, but of course there are more expensive homes.

  4. Question Mark Says:

    I’ve heard tell that emergency vehicles and buses are *supposed* to be able to navigate the roundabout straight through. That was the plan, anyway.

    And the description of the work in the article [1:30 update] seems to confirm that’s the way they still want it to work.