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3:12 PM: Thanks for the tips about gunfire in downtown White Center along 16th SW south of SW 98th. We went over to check and found deputies investigating what they said was bullet damage to that vehicle. No injuries reported. The gunfire is reported to have come from another vehicle but they didn’t have a description to share, so we have a followup inquiry out seeking more info when available.

3:27 PM: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott says “multiple” casings were found and that what happened here was a case of “two vehicles fired at each other, missing. A minivan traveling northbound unrelated was hit; thankfully none of the occupants were hit or injured.”

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9 Responses to “WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Downtown gunfire”

  1. This is ridiculous! We need KCSO driving loops through, continuously.

  2. The KCSO only has 2 deputies on at any one time/shift. They simply do not have enough deputies to do any “loops” and will not until we as a community demand more deputies be hired. Contact your KC Councilman, Joe McDermott, and KC Executive, Dow Constantine if you want action and to be involved.

  3. Sick & tired Says:

    Taradise is a menace to the community. They all say it’s not tara….great….don’t cater to gang banger clientele….lay off the hip hop nights and rap heavy dj. The people won’t be out here shooting if they don’t have a bar to hang out in around here. Shut it down King County!

  4. Jeanette Cummings Says:

    The police are told not to fo anything so of course there not gonna drive around..I have seen less west Seattle police when I know there is alot out there. Breaks my heart to think there not out there driving around looking for crime happening in NY neighborhood

  5. That myth about “police are told not to do anything” really HAS to stop. Not true. Absolutely not true. Listen to the scanner for a bit (we own one since it’s our job but you can access many online). They’re busy responding to not just crime but also crises, both sides of the line. Doesn’t leave much time for just idly driving around. You can also check the King County Jail Register online to see the many people booked each day/night, and for what (not everyone arrested goes to jail, of course, but that’s just another way of seeing part of what’s going on).

  6. keybank robbery friday?

  7. If there was a robbery, nobody texted us about it and we didn’t hear about it otherwise. 206-293-6302 (text or voice) is the best way to let us know if you see a big LE response somewhere, WC or WS. Thanks to the people who tipped us about this!

  8. The voters in King County OVERWHELMINGLY voted for I-940, which makes the job of every law enforcement officer more dangerous and makes them hesitant to respond to all calls. So enjoy your increased violent crime and just hope you or your loved ones aren’t hit by a random bullet intended for a rival gang member. The people in the van simply driving by are lucky to be alive.

  9. Having KCSO doing loops can’t and won’t stop people from doing stupid things . Like talking trash to each other,road rage,gang members bs between each other . Their is a list items the police can’t do anything about until something happens . Then they can build a case then bust the people involved . Having them do loops around white center would end up just wasting tax payers $$$ in gas and overtime pay alone .

    Then talking to council members and other political people . Might help but when the numbers on crime are going down . It will be hard to suggest the need for more officers . Also they are working on building the gang unit back up . That would help a lot more .