2 new White Center businesses: Good Day Donuts, Mr. Buds

Next to each other at 9823 15th SW, you’ll find:

GOOD DAY DONUTS: Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Erik Jackson and Alison Odowski have opened Good Day Donuts in the former Golden House Bakery and Deli. They’re making and selling donuts, ice cream, and lunch:

Hours are Mondays-Fridays 7 am-3 pm, Saturdays 8 am-2 pm, Sundays 9 am-1 pm.

MR. BUDS: While checking out Good Day Donuts, we discovered another marijuana store has opened in White Center.

Yes, Mr. Buds is in the same strip mall as the new donut shop.

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11 Responses to “2 new White Center businesses: Good Day Donuts, Mr. Buds”

  1. Question Mark Says:

    Mr. Bud’s is located literally across the street from another marijuana retailer, and its store was an empty storefront for years prior. King County now prohibits these stores within 1,000 feet of each other (and the White Center area already has five of these stores open).

    How did this new store get to be a thing?

  2. I got two sandwiches from the new donut shop and they were very great

  3. Julia A WEST Says:

    Please we need to support this donut shop.Lil ma and pa places are almost nonexistence.The atmospheres of these kind of places are warm friendly and excellent prices.I live in Issaquah bit come to that atea ay times.I will surely be there.thank you

  4. Local person Says:

    @Question mark Retail marijuana uses must obtain a King County business license.

    Retail uses licensed by the WSLCB to operate within 1000 feet of each other as of the 08/14/2016, and that King County did not object to within the WSLCB license application process, shall be considered nonconforming and may remain subject to conditions.


  5. What happened to the tress on 16th av

  6. Question Mark Says:

    @Local Person there is more to the story in King County Code, as I’ve outlined below. The reality is that no business was ever established at that location prior to August 2018. The deadline, though, for its establishment in order to remain a non-conforming business there was January 14, 2017, according to the code. Otherwise this business must conform to the 1,000 foot buffer limit between retail marijuana stores, which this location does not.

    [KCC 21A.08.070.B.26.e, continued]
    … subject to the provisions of K.C.C. 21A.32.020 through 21A.32.075 for nonconforming uses, except:

    (1) the time periods identified in K.C.C. 21A.32.045.C. shall be six months;


    21A.32.045 Nonconformance – reestablishment of discontinued nonconforming use, or damaged or destroyed nonconforming structure or site improvement. A nonconforming use that has been discontinued or a nonconforming structure or site improvement that has been damaged or destroyed, may be reestablished or reconstructed if:

    C.1. The use has not been discontinued for more than [six] months before its reestablishment, or the nonconforming structure or site improvement is reconstructed in accordance with a complete permit application submitted to the department within [six] months of the occurrence of damage or destruction;

  7. Question Mark Says:

    The deeper question, though, is why the county is has been so intensive to not object to the many, many retail license proposals from the state in White Center, while it prohibits these stores in other business zones (where it already allows, for example, pharmacies and state licensed liquor stores) … ?? …

  8. Local person Says:

    @question mark have you gone and actually measure the distance between the different retail stores. Because looking at google maps it looks as if bud nation and mr buds are almost a block away from each other and uncle ikes is across a parking lot and a street from mr buds. Have you asked the liquor cannabis board about the distances and if they research this when looking over the application . Have you asked king county about this .

    mr buds

    9823 15th Ave SW unit d
    9823 15th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

    Bud nation

    9640 16th Ave SW A, Seattle, WA 98106

    uncle ikes

    9822 15th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

    uncle ikes and mr buds addresses are close to each other but looking at a map there actually not that close to each other .

    Have you gone and ask the owners of these businesses about how they have gotten license or permits . Have you asked them about your thought that these stores are keeping low income people in poverty . Even though pot has been selling illegality in these areas for decades before i-502 . With no discount programs or even good cheap pot available . That also was leading to things like car prowls,break ins car theft and local gangs controlling the sales and profiting from it. That now that these stores are open are helping to stop the illegal activity that was connected to pot sales in the area . Also how these stores are employing people that have had a hard time finding work in these community’s . Earning a wage so they don’t have worry about being homeless or on welfare .

  9. @question mark if you want a deeper question how about why is a guy from skyway,wa so concerned about cannabis retail in white center,wa . That just about any time something is mention about a retail cannabis location in the local blogs you make a negative comment about them. Now you could simple do some research and measuring . If you find these locations in some type of violation then contact the liqueur cannabis board and ask questions or file a complaint. Just make sure you are correct with all your findings . In the past you made comments about full tilt ice cream that owners did not like . When trying to state that there pinball games are a state regulated arcade . Making some cannabis retail in violation . When in fact full tilt was not a state regulated arcade and also has 21+ bar connected to it .

  10. Question Mark Says:

    The standard for measuring the 1,000 foot setback distance is from closest lot lines. That puts Bud Nation within 350 feet and Uncle Ikes within 70 feet of the new store, and Bud Nation within 450 feet of Uncle Ikes. Building to building, Uncle Ikes is within 300 feet of the new store anyway.

    Why am I concerned? Because White Center and Skyway both have the same issue with county regulations that have put 11 stores in both communities (separated by 3 miles) when they are virtually prohibited in the vast rest of the unincorporated county.

    I guess I could ask you why you are so against the rest of the unincorporated county (population over 200,000) having retail cannabis stores available nearby, when White Center and Skyway have 11 for a population of 35,000?

  11. @Question mark Have you consider that bud nation and uncle ikes are grandfather in to 1000 foot buffer since they where already a business before that restriction was put in .

    Now for Mr. Buds you might want to ask some one at the king county offices that approved the business license and the liqueur board why allowed this location to open . Also ask if there has been any applications for new retail stores in the other unincorporated areas you mention before .