Shooting in Boulevard Park

Big King County Sheriff’s Office response right now to South 120th and Military Road in Boulevard Park (map), where – according to dispatchers and officers’ radio communication – a man was found in the street with gunshot wounds. Streets are being closed in the vicinity, so you will want to avoid the area for a while. The victim is being taken to Harborview. There’s a report a red four-door car was seen heading southbound, possibly associated with the incident.

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4 Responses to “Shooting in Boulevard Park”

  1. This is the first thing that I have found about this shooting! I have been trying to figure out what happened for the last couple of days, it was at the end of my street. I hope the guy lived, so sad.

  2. We hear that he was shot 11 times & is still alive.

  3. I heard what sounded like a bullet, buzz by bedroom window, after I heard, what now sounds like was at least 11 fired shots. From what I heard sitting under my bedroom window was, barking dogs some screams then gunshot’s (which kinda sounded like firecracker’s, again) and then silence. A couple minutes later, I heard about 4 or 5 shot’s and one buzzing sound go by my window. These, what sounds now like may have been gunshots and sounded more like a firecracker or a cap gun. I waited before looking out my window and saw police lights to accompany the siren’s, then walked to corner of my block about 1 1/2 blocks from the now known scene but stayed clear for traffic purpose, safety, etc. After maybe 5 minutes, I get a bad feeling in my stomach so I turn to walk back in my house and an eery sounding car going around the corner over some gravel, so I keep an eye out and then there was no car, unless it parked in a driveway. I hung out another minute or two and I kept seeing a person in what looked liked short’s, and a white t-shirt and red shoes and maybe a red hat, keep poking their head around the corner, checking to see but always retreating back each time I saw them. I walked by the house and all the lights are off, car has no license plate which I see parked on the street the next day, with license plate. Unfortunately, this kind of thing isn’t all that uncommon in the area so I really don’t want to jump to conclusion but it all sounds really strange, ESPECIALLY considering, finding any news about this has not been easy and the last time something happened on my property, the cop said I should get mental help, for reporting suspicious activity, in my yard. Oh well guess. I hope the situation get’s better. -Stephen B Jurewicz

  4. Stephen Jurewicz Says:

    I just wrote giving my experience during this occurrence and forgot to mention the fact that a suspicious vehicle with no rear license plates at a house that was dark and rarely is, then had rear license plates while parked across the street, then was moved back into the driveway and hasn’t had rear license plates since. Then again, my initial response here, hasn’t been published.