FOLLOWUP: White Center bank robbery suspect charged

The 19-year-old arrested hours after the White Center KeyBank was robbed on March 22nd is now charged with first-degree robbery. That’s the charge filed this week against Khalid K. Mohamed, and the charging documents reveal more details of what investigators say happened.

Mohamed is accused of holding up the bank by typing a demand note on his cell phone and showing it to a teller. Prosecutors say it read, “Give me your money. I have a gun. Do not press the alarm or I will shoot you (or kill you).” Other details suggest he came to this area four days before the robbery and intended to leave immediately thereafter – he was staying with a cousin at the Boulevard Park complex where he was arrested. He is reported to have told investigators he lives in Utah, though his ID card was from Minnesota, where he has other relatives. The charging documents say he was found via a tracking device in the $1,245 cash he got away with. It had been tossed into the trash at the apartment complex but “wet footprints” subsequently led them to the unit where Mohamed was staying. Deputies kept watch on the apartment while seeking a search warrant that was subsequently granted. Court documents say Mohamed exited the apartment just as deputies got word that the search warrant had been approved, so they took him into custody and went inside. They reported finding his packed suitcase, containing almost all the stolen cash, plus the clothing he was wearing during the robbery – as shown on surveillance video – and the Louis Vuitton bag he had displayed during the holdup, implying he had a gun in his hand inside the bag. Mohamed remains in the King County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

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