UPDATE: Deputies arrest suspect in White Center bank robbery

1:13 PM: Thanks to the tipster who asked about a large police response in White Center. The King County Sheriff’s Office confirms that they’re investigating a bank robbery that happened around 12:30 pm, at the KeyBank on 17th SW. No one reported to be in custody yet. More as we get it.

1:25 PM: Added the photo above. We asked KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott for any description information about the robber – “Black man in his 20’s, 5’5″, slim build. Facial hair, black hoodie, with a bag.”

(Photo courtesy Aaron Wells Photography)
4:18 PM: After deputies tracked a suspect to a Boulevard Park apartment building near S. 118th and Des Moines Memorial Drive, the SWAT team came in to work toward arresting him. Within the past hour, they succeeded in taking him into custody, Sgt. Abbott confirms.

9:22 PM: Additional details in a news release from Sgt. Abbott:

Today, 03/22/2018 at 1230 PM, a bank robbery occurred at the Key Bank, 9600 BLK of 17 Ave. SW in White Center. The (robber) implied that he had a gun to the teller inside the bank, and fled the scene after the robbery. Video surveillance was quickly obtained … and Deputies were able to track him down at an apartment complex in Burien at the 1800 Block of S 118.

Once Deputies arrived on scene, they found a bag of money that had been thrown off the balcony of an upper apartment unit. Deputies on-scene were able to obtain information from witnesses, which led them to the exact apartment where the suspect had barricaded himself in. The Deputies experienced multiple failed attempts to get the suspect out of the apartment unit. KCSO’s SWAT team was called out to the scene. The suspect saw the armored SWAT vehicles arriving, along with the SWAT members, and surrendered to Police. The suspect was arrested without incident. No one was injured; this was an excellent job by all Deputies and Detectives on scene.

The 19 year old suspect was booked into KCJ for robbery.

We checked, and he does not appear to have a record; the definitive word on that will come as his case makes it through the court system – we will follow up.

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