About last night’s White Center attack

If you missed our coverage of last night’s White Center attack that injured an employee of Cascade Heights Veterinary Clinic, it’s on our partner site West Seattle Blog – we originally heard about the helicopter search from people on the city side of the line, so that’s where we started the story, and never got around to crossposting here. Meantime, if you want to talk with deputies about crime/safety concerns, Friday is the day for Coffee with a Cop at the White Center Starbucks (16th/100th), as noted here last week – 9 am to 11 am, just drop in when you can.

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7 Responses to “About last night’s White Center attack”

  1. Why don’t you give details. Look at West Seattle blog to get ideas on upgrading info.
    I love to go to the local sites since the news stations never report on news that matters to the locals.

  2. Hi – West Seattle Blog is our main site. This item is only meant to point people to the coverage that we have there; usually we would report here first on something that happened in WC but as I tried to explain above, in this case, we heard first from people in WS and weren’t sure what was going on. We also usually are able to crosspost but this time, we just didn’t. So I apologize for that.

  3. I agree. This blog is a bit on the second burner. Seems it only covers politics and attacks or killings. I’ve been getting my news about the WC community from the WC FB page or from another local news source that has been out scooping WCN. I get WSB is your bread and butter and totally get that. This is merely an observation of who is Covering the hood in the most timely matter.

  4. We covered this story in a timely manner. Just didn’t get it onto this site too. Too tired to argue and there’s too much news to cover so sorry if you feel we’ve been letting you down after 10 years of service – can’t count how many important things we’ve covered that no one else has bothered with, but if there’s something you consider news that you see elsewhere but you don’t see here, maybe we don’t know, and you are welcome to contact us 24/7 – 206-293-6302. Community collaboration is what it’s been about since day 1. – TR

  5. Thank you, I appreciate all your work.

  6. Thank you, Tracy.

  7. Cannot say enough about the great coverage that Tracy provides for the White Center community. Your hard work is very much appreciated- without you, no one would be covering this area. Thank you for all you do.