White Center Library closing Thursday, Friday for window repair

If you’ve been to the White Center Library in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed some damage to its distinctive glass facade. KCLS is about to fix the windows, but it needs to close the library to get that done, so it will be closed tomorrow and Friday (November 30th and December 1st), reopening Saturday, December 2nd.

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3 Responses to “White Center Library closing Thursday, Friday for window repair”

  1. How was it damaged?

  2. Vandalism. I asked if they ever determined whether it was via something shot or thrown, and the library spokesperson said no, they hadn’t figured that out. – Tracy

  3. There’s a lot of broken windows in White Center. There was 3 at the library 1 at Salvation Army and we saw two others….just don’t remember exactly where. Sad.