VIDEO: RV burns in White Center, nobody hurt

(WCN reader video)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:42 PM: Maybe you saw the smoke – that RV caught fire on SW 100th by 14th SW in downtown White Center this afternoon.

(WCN photo by Patrick Sand)

North Highline Fire responded, and Seattle Fire sent an engine to help. Our crew at the scene was told nobody was hurt, and the cause is under investigation. You’ll want to avoid the intersection a while longer as they work to get the damaged RV in a position where it can be towed.

ADDED 7:06 PM: Thanks to the reader who sent the video we’ve added atop this story. You can see why the side of White Center Square (which opened six years ago) was scorched; at least one window shattered from the heat, at Aaron’s Bicycle Repair, reader Gill tells us – you can see it behind the RV in Gill’s aftermath photo:

Cory sent this photo from the other side of the burned RV:

Gill reports Fire District 2 (Burien) was on scene too and investigating.

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4 Responses to “VIDEO: RV burns in White Center, nobody hurt”

  1. Thank you for the update! Saw the smoke and knew just where to turn for an explanation!

  2. Scary how fast and ferocious that was burning.


  3. The driver said the fire started as he was coming around the corner. Fire investigator told me it was an engine fire. If he had been driving legally and not in the parking lane, the fire would have been far enough from my shop not to break the windows….maybe! But maybe not… The window crew is here giving me an estimate. The entire frames will need to be replaced not just the windows! The fire damaged the thermal break inside the window frames.

  4. Sorry to hear that. We drove by the next day and noticed boards over all windows on that side.