UPDATE: Greenbridge shooting victim identified

(UPDATED FRIDAY AFTERNOON with victim’s identity)

ORIGINAL 9:54 PM REPORT: King County Sheriff’s Office reports one person shot near 9th SW and SW 100th. We’re on our way to find out more.

10:53 PM: We just talked with KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West at the scene – here’s the video:

She confirms the victim is dead – still in the street, wrapped in a tarp. She says he’s a black man who appears to be in his 40s. Detectives are just starting their investigation so the intersection of 9th and 100th will be closed for a while, and they won’t be calling the Medical Examiner to get the victim’s body until they are done with their work.

A nearby resident tells us he heard two gunshots around 9:10 pm.

12:41 AM: Sgt. West now says the victim appears to be “late 30s – early 40s.”

2:41 PM: Just checked with Sgt. West and she says there’s no official new information. (See the comment section for updates from nearby resident RJ.)

3:25 PM: The King County Medical Examiner has identified the victim as 42-year-old James Nickerson, Jr.; cause of death, “multiple firearm injuries.”

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9 Responses to “UPDATE: Greenbridge shooting victim identified”

  1. Sadly the victim did not make it. There were two gun shots, not sure if both hit the victim. The victim lay in the street for about 8-10 minutes before paramedics/police arrived. They worked on the victim for 10-15 minutes trying to save him/her, but were unsuccessful.

  2. That response time is crazy! Sorry you had to witness all of that…I can’t imagine. Thanks for the updates on this-nowhere else had much information than the obvious.

  3. Body was just loaded into the ME truck (@12:15am), streets are still blocked off.

    Some additional details:
    2 shots in succession
    The victim was in the middle of the street. There was a car exiting the Greenbridge complex at 9th/100th with its lights shining into the intersection illuminating the body, which is where the report of a “vehicle/pedestrian” probably originated. The driver of the vehicle called 9-11 and I was outside within 10 seconds of the 2 shots, and also called 9-11.
    EMS/KC police showed up within 10 minutes and began working on the guy, who was non-responsive the entire time (no moving or vocalization. They tried to revive in the street and up into the ambulance, but were unsuccessful.
    As you stated, he was removed from the ambulance and placed on the ground until the ME showed up.
    Police are still working the scene, but are cleaning up. I would expect the intersection to be open in 5 or so minutes.

  4. Thanks, RJ. Sgt. West thought it was more likely to be a few hours but then again, maybe not much to examine in a case like this, at the scene, anyway.

  5. Last update. Tape is down in the street but the large truck/”firetruck” with the biological sterilizer spray is currently hosing down the intersection.

  6. Officers are canvasing the neighborhood this morning asking questions to see if anyone has additional details. They know the identity of the victim and that he was on his way to work as he worked the graveyard shift. Motive is unknown at this time, as are the assailant(s).

  7. I just checked with Sgt. West, no new official info. The Medical Examiner makes a daily recording of cases it investigates, but I’ll be somewhat surprised if this case makes it onto today’s recording – which is usually available after 3 pm.

  8. The ID *was* on the Medical Examiner hotline and we’ve added it.

  9. So sad. I’m in favor of White Center annexation to Seattle for, among other reasons, greater security from Seattle Police.