Evergreen High School before, Evergreen High School again?

Received from organizers of a campaign to turn the Evergreen campus back into Evergreen High School:

A coalition called ONE EVERGREEN made up of concerned parents, teachers, and alumni has started a petition to undo what they perceive as a flawed educational model at the former Evergreen High School because they feel it leaves the north end of the Highline School District dramatically underserved.

Please sign their petition if you support reuniting Evergreen Campus into one high school again.


In 2008, Evergreen High School was one of several conventional high schools in the Highline School District rendered into three autonomous schools sharing the same campus (“small schools”) under the hope that a reduction in the principal-to-student ratio would improve graduation rates. The sales pitch at the time said teachers would get to know all the students better, which would boost test scores.

Reality has not met expectations. Instead, redundant principals, a limited range of classes, a fractured sense of community, high teacher turnover, and only 35 classes for students to choose from have left families feeling cheated. It is easy to see why when contrasted with the school spirit, sports, band, and 105 classes available to students at conventional high schools in the same district.

The ONE EVERGREEN Coalition asks that you educate yourself on the inequities of small schools and sign the petition to reunite the Evergreen Campus.

For more information, including quotes by students, demographics, charts showing Evergreen teachers’ years of experience over time, and course catalog comparisons from Highline high schools, please visit evergreensuccess.org

Here’s a one-sheet the group is circulating.

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