If you missed the Richard Hugo tribute – check out the film, with White Center scenes from the ’70s

If you didn’t get to the tribute to poet Richard Hugo last night at the White Center Fieldhouse and haven’t otherwise had the chance to see the biographical documentary shown during it, “Kicking the Loose Gravel Home,” you might want to watch at least part of it online. The folks at Caffé Delia shared the link this morning and pointed out that starting around 12 minutes in – and continuing off and on for at least 10 minutes after that – you’ll see ample footage of White Center in the mid-’70s (and South Delridge, too). The film is from 1976. Just grab and pull the “play” bar in the window above. The film, by the way, is by author/filmmaker Annick Smith, from Montana, where Hugo wound up, miles and years from his beginnings here.

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