Marijuana stores in the spotlight again at October 1st North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting

Just announced:


When: Thursday, October 1 @ 7 pm
Where: North Highline Fire Station (1243 SW 112th Street)

Plan on joining the discussion at the next NHUAC meeting with our special guests:

• King County Council Representative – Joe McDermott
• King County Sheriff – John Urquhart

The discussion will focus on the licensing of marijuana stores in the unincorporated areas of North Highline and Skyway/West Hill. Presently the state has 11 licenses available for the whole of unincorporated King County- 8 of those licenses have already been issued for stores in the urban unincorporated communities of North Highline (3 stores) and Skyway/West Hill (5 stores). There are also changes coming that may allow for an unlimited number of these licenses to be granted. How will this impact our community? Should regulations be enacted to prevent the concentration of these stores in our community?

Also on hand will be our new White Center Storefront Deputy Bill Kennamer to provide updates on crime trends and general community safety concerns.

Your voice matters on these important community issues. Hope to see you at this very informative meeting

For more information see: or email:

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One Response to “Marijuana stores in the spotlight again at October 1st North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting”


    What public service does this add to our community for more marijuana shops. The effects of marijuana and damage to the brain is reference in the above link. How many drivers will be under the influence, as marijuana takes longer to leave the system than does alcohol. Hopefully federal laws will dictate and overturn this law. Would you fly on an airplane if the pilot had used marijuana? Would you have surgery by a doctor who had used marijuana? Please think twice before using marijuana (or any another drug) and the long term effect it has on your body. You’re worth it!