UPDATE: Crash-and-grab break-in at Top Hat pot shop

11:09 AM: Thanks to the reader who tipped us to this: The Nimbin recreational-marijuana store at 10861 1st Avenue South in Top Hat is cleaning up after an early-morning break-in via vehicle. We are still working to get information from the King County Sheriff’s Office, but they confirmed that, as our tipster said, a vehicle drove into the shop, and that they would be open today even as repairs continue – they were not commenting on what if anything was stolen. This is one of three state-licensed marijuana stores that have opened this year in unincorporated North Highline. We’ll update when we get info from KCSO.

12:46 PM: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West says a neighbor heard the crash around 2 am, then looked out to see that a “white truck” had backed into the shop. “The witness saw a man exit the truck and enter the business. The man was in the business for about a minute then returned to the truck and sped off. When deputies arrived they contacted the owner who responded to the scene. It appears as though some cash and an assortment of packaged marijuana was stolen.” No description of the driver other than “male.”

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3 Responses to “UPDATE: Crash-and-grab break-in at Top Hat pot shop”

  1. North Highline Unincorporated Area Council Says:

    Plan on attending the next North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting – Thursday, Oct 1 at 7pm (1243 SW 112th Street – North Highline Fire Station) – we are pleased to be hosting King County Council Rep, Joe McDermott and King County Sheriff, John Urquhart. The discussion will focus on marijuana stores – there are currently 3 licensed stores in the community with the potential for several more – how will the concentration of these stores impact our community? This is an opportunity to voice your opinion –

  2. This is a shame that this has happened to such a nice group of people that are running a great friendly business. The staff at nimbin are great you walk in they say hello nice to see you what can I help you with (after checking your ID). Yes they are selling legal I-502 approved marijuana. Now there has been medical places running in the area for years unregulated and selling to just about anyone or letting people sell out in front of their business now Nimbin does none of this. They follow the laws to the T. Even before you leave the store they make sure you put your purchase either in your pocket or they will provide a paper bag for you to put purchase in. Now to the knuckled heads out there that keep hitting their windows they have a good security camera setup and alarm system you’re going to get caught it’s just a matter of time. You will get tossed in jail or prison for pot that you could of purchase legally.

  3. http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana

    Think about the effects on the brain. A lot of employers have drug free workplaces. Hopefully federal law will overturn this law….remember marijuana takes longer to leave the system than does alcohol…would you fly on an airplane knowing the pilot smokes marijuana or would you have surgery knowing the doctor smokes marijuana? Please thinks twice before using this drug or any other drug and the long term effects. You are worth it!