UPDATE: Power outage in White Center

3:37 PM: Thanks to the person who texted to let us know about the power outage in downtown White Center and vicinity – 262 homes and businesses, according to the Seattle City Light map. We’re checking on the cause.

4:12 PM UPDATE: City Light’s map does not seem to be accurate – we just drove down 16th and 17th SW downtown and saw illuminated OPEN signs on both sides of both streets.

7:12 PM UPDATE: The outage is entirely over now, according to the online map. We’ll be asking SCL tomorrow about the cause.

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4 Responses to “UPDATE: Power outage in White Center”

  1. It came on just at 4. Anyone know the cause? there was a huge bang before it went out.

  2. Charlie, sorry, I’m going to have to ask SCL tomorrow. The way their map works, it shows an outage while it’s still happening – and then it vanishes, with no way to check back on duration, cause, etc.

  3. Branch through the wires, they say.

  4. We live on 12th Ave SW and we don’t have any power.