White Center restaurants: Meander’s Kitchen update

ORIGINAL SUNDAY REPORT: Another update on Meander’s Kitchen, the White Center restaurant that’s had its ups and downs lately: Founder Miranda Krone contacted us to say she is back in town to try to right the ship, and will be in the kitchen today (Sunday, August 16th), with the restaurant scheduled to be open 9 am-3 pm. She says she is still trying to sort out the financial situation, and is “working to put together the details of what’s happened in my absence. Very regrettably, I’ve had to file a report with the sheriff’s department. I hope that their investigation will clear a few things up.” Overall, she says, “I’ll do what I do. I’ll cook until I get it covered. I certainly understand those who are squeamish about coming ’round under the circumstances. For those who’ve remembered kindnesses or at least held judgment while I wasn’t available to participate in the discussion, I thank you.”

MONDAY UPDATE: According to the Meander’s Kitchen page on Facebook, Krone is training new staff and will next open the restaurant Saturday-Sunday, August 22-23.

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