Deadly crash at 1st/112th

The King County Sheriff’s Office has reported via Twitter that a motorcycle rider is dead after a collision with a truck at 1st Avenue S./112th. The rider was a 39-year-old man; the people in the truck were not hurt, according to the KCSO tweets. More when we get it.

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3 Responses to “Deadly crash at 1st/112th”

  1. Marlene Allbright Says:

    What a terrible tragedy.

  2. sarah penwell Says:

    It is a complete shame that just because the police want to be the first ones to comment to the media and report this felon or that stolen automatically sends the public some negative point of view. If anyone would stop to think about it they’d understand why this is the case the story changed so much, but meanwhile the life of a very good friend of mine is diminished so much so no body even wants to do a follow up story to bring his name out. His family and his mother and his children who loved him so are faced to mourn but have to to bare all the disturbing comments that are left. I guarantee this man has and will leave more to life that anyone of the no nonsense speaking ignorant know it all people of coarse who probably are hated by their own families because they have some holier than thou attitudes will ever begin to think about leaving. RIP Timmy Rummel of White Center, WA Loving father, Beloved son and the most Amazing selfless caring person and friend you could ever have. God Bless you and your family you may be gone but never forgotten. Much love and respect loving you always it wont be the same without you!1

  3. Sarah, I am sorry about your friend. Most of the time the media doesn’t even get the name of the person involved – law enforcement doesn’t release it, and the Medical Examiner does not routinely release it either (they have a daily list but it’s inconsistent at best), and there’s just no other way to find out unless a friend or family member goes out of their way to get the info to reporters. If you have done that with other outlets and they’ve blown you off, on behalf of my lifelong profession, I apologize.