Update: Power outage hits parts of White Center and vicinity

(Screengrab from Seattle City Light map)
12:53 AM: Shortly after major rain started to fall, power went out to a wide area including part of White Center. The Seattle City Light outage map shows more than 4,200 homes/businesses are out of power. So far, no cause listed – just that SCL is “investigating” – but at least one tipster reports big lightning preceded it.

1:30 AM: City Light says it’s restored power to about a third of the customers affected, leaving about 2,600 without electricity.

2:02 AM: And now, fewer than 1,000 still without power.

6 AM: Almost 600, mostly in the South Park area, remain without power.

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2 Responses to “Update: Power outage hits parts of White Center and vicinity”

  1. I was stunned at the quick response. Within like 20 minutes electricians were shining lights at the poles by my house. And they sent multiple crews that fixed at least two outages.

  2. It’s 9pm on 8/13 and ours just went out again…