North Highline ballot measure: Hearing next Monday; ballots on the way

King County Elections is sending out ballots for the August 5th election starting today, and if you live in the North Highline Fire District, you will be asked to vote on Proposition 1, the “benefit charge” measure. The district is having a public hearing next Monday, July 21st, during its regular meeting (7 pm, NHFD HQ, 1243 SW 112th). Here’s the fact sheet it’s circulating:

P.S. If you want to return your ballot without having to pay postage, the drop-off van will be back in Greenbridge August 2nd, 4th, 5th – details here.

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3 Responses to “North Highline ballot measure: Hearing next Monday; ballots on the way”

  1. I’ve heard the benefit charge can be raised every year without a vote of the people. Is this true? Given the history of how funds are handled here it’s concerning. I think we should stay with established system.

  2. There have been several opportunities to learn the facts regarding the “Benefit Charge”. One was the June 4 forum sponsored by the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council – the video of the meeting can be viewed on this blog site. The North Highline Fire Commissioners held a meeting on July 21st during which any questions could be answered by the Fire Chief and board. The established system is not sustainable – with lower property values and a high percentage of tax exempt properties in North Highline, the Fire District cannot continue to provide the current high level of service to the community – without passage of the benefit charge services will have to be cut – we will see longer response times and the safety of all residents of this community will be at risk. Without adequate funding we very well might see a substantial increase in our homeowners insurance if our fire district is downgraded. Yes, the Benefit Charge can change from year to year – it can be lowered. Get the facts and make an informed decision

  3. Property taxes are already raised yearly without a vote of the people. The North Highline Fire Department provides a lot of service to public housing, which is exempt from property taxes. With a benefit district, the King County Housing Authority would be required to pay for service that it now gets for free. The result eould be that the amount paid for fire protection by everyone else will go down.