White Center DSHS building for sale – just the building

(King County Assessor’s Office photo)
A big new for-sale listing in White Center: The building best known as home to the DSHS offices in White Center, 9650 15th SW, is listed for sale. Asking price: $2,650,000. And that’s just for the building, not the land, according to the listing, which says the building is on leasehold property. It was a grocery store before Prium Development remodeled it almost a decade ago.

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6 Responses to “White Center DSHS building for sale – just the building”

  1. previously best known as a Safeway. Who owns the leasehold property? Hopefully this building will garner a better fare now that is no longer DSHS. Great location, maybe used for light rail station?

  2. I’d like to know what the status will be of the underutilized ground floor retail space.

  3. It hasn’t sold- it’s merely been listed.

    It’s a magnet for problems now; I hope if it does sell, it doesn’t remain vacant long.

  4. …great question Blair,particularly since this site is in high traffic area (potential shoppers). Revitalizing this space is long overdue as our area has positively evolved since 2005.

  5. ….NB….a different “store front” might be needed, this one is blaaaah

  6. The way I understand it, when the DSHS building was built, the terms gave the developer incentive to seek unreasonably high rents, which is why most of the space has sat unused for years. Hope that situation doesn’t continue after the sale.