Federal shutdown effects: County announcement at Greenbridge tomorrow

You don’t have to work for the federal government to be affected by its shutdown. King County Executive Dow Constantine and King County Councilmember Joe McDermott are coming to Greenbridge at noon tomorrow (Wednesday) to make that point; they’re planning a media event at the county Public Health clinic there, also including someone the announcement describes as “a client of Public Health services,” and plan “to detail specific pending impacts of the continuing federal government shutdown.”

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One Response to “Federal shutdown effects: County announcement at Greenbridge tomorrow”

  1. …mmm how odd the money squandered in this county, look at your own “house” Even the national parks in Republican based states have funds to keep them open. Look how this city is a harbor city for criminals and such, just like san Francisco. The overwhelming social services from housing to free phones definitely needs to be overhauled. Remember…the US Senate is controlled by majority (Democrats)…I am sick and tired of hearing all the blame on Republicans.