Update: 3 arrested in burglary bust, thanks to alert neighbor

1:05 PM: Thanks to Audrey for the tip about helicopter activity over the area. King Co. Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West says deputies have detained suspects in a burglary near 4th and 107th. They were found to the south, in North Burien.

1:45 PM UPDATE: Just checked back with Sgt. West. She says the arrests were off 4th S. and S. 116th.

2:38 PM UPDATE: Sgt. West says the story gets even better: This all started when an alert neighbor called 911 after noticing something suspicious at a house at 4th S. and S. 107th. Multiple burglars kicked in the back door while the resident was at work; there were lookouts in another car, and that’s what the neighbor noticed. Just so happened a plainclothes detective in an unmarked car was in the area. He observed for a while, saw the burglars coming out of the house with “a pillowcase full of loot,” Sgt. West says, and followed them, radioing for backup. When the burglars realized they’d been spotted, four of them jumped out of the moving car. The one who was driving was caught fairly quickly; two others were arrested shortly thereafter, and two are still at large. Sgt. West says the loot included at least 10 guns and a safe that either hadn’t been locked or was somehow opened by the burglars.

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