King County Sheriff’s Office message for the community: 2 incidents ‘may or may not’ be related

A WCN/WSB reader was concerned that perhaps the King County Sheriff’s Office had more information than they were releasing regarding the potentially connected incidents near 3rd/104th. Today, the reader talked with KCSO Sgt. Cindi West, who shared this as a result:

The attempted child abduction from 2 weeks ago and the recent burglary “may or may not” be related. Given the facts that within 2 weeks, on the same street, a man grabbed a child in a front yard and on the second incident a man tried to gain entry into a room (where a child was sleeping), we felt it important to alert the public in case the two are connected. We, of course, do not know if the two crimes are related.

We also do not know yet if the stolen truck leaving the area is related or not, but since the deputy saw it in the neighborhood not long after the Burglary it is a possibility. We have released information hoping to get tips on who might have been driving the truck.

Our detectives are working hard on these cases and are following up on all tips and leads.

We are continuing to keep the public informed so that our community remains vigil(ant).

Remember you are the eyes and ears of our community! Please remain aware and call 911 to report anything suspicious.

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One Response to “King County Sheriff’s Office message for the community: 2 incidents ‘may or may not’ be related”

  1. White Center Parent Says:

    Have there been any updates? When Cindi says that information regarding the truck has been released, does she mean to the public? I understand if the police have to keep certain details to themselves if releasing them could damage the investigation, but I was wondering if there has been anything new that can be shared with the community? Has there been additional patrols in the area as a result of these crimes?