White Center businesses: Mini Swap Meet to ‘soft open’ Saturday

Something new is on its way to White Center – the “Mini Swap Meet,” starting tomorrow (Saturday, June 1st). That link takes you to a bare-bones Facebook page for starters, but we asked for more details, and received this from manager Lynch:

IWe are located at 9800 14th Ave SW Seattle (corner of 14th Ave SW and SW 98th St). We strive to be “Seattle’s Affordable Urban Marketplace.”

Our opening was planned to be later (we just got access to the property) but the weather is nice this weekend, so we are doing a soft opening,

This is not your traditional swap meet. Designed for anyone and everyone to sell their goods and foods (stands/trucks) any and every day.

We have daily rates starting at $15 with weekly, and monthly rates available. We came up with a strategy to manage low overhead in order to keep our rates affordable.

Benefits for those considering garage sales:
– less advertising and signs
– traffic from other sellers
– people don’t come to your house
– convenient in-city location

Craigslisters and Ebayers:
– get it all done in a day in one place

We combine technology with a physical presence:
– Encourage sellers to post items to Craigslist (they can search “Mini Swap Meet”) and our Facebook page.

We hope they follow our suggestion of posting some items for free. If you don’t want to donate and no time to sell? Want some pizza or beer money? Sell your load of stuff to one of our vendors.

Community support:

– We have spaces available at no charge for non-profits, schools, and churches/temples. We understand how hard it is to organize an event.

For example, Mrs. Teacher’s 5th grade class can have a camp fundraiser. Instead of asking for donations (aka pulling teeth) or child labor (car washes), students can ask “hey got any stuff in your house you don’t need?”.

Lynch says you can call 206-905-9828 if you want to know more – or check it out in person starting tomorrow: “We’re looking for vendors!”

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2 Responses to “White Center businesses: Mini Swap Meet to ‘soft open’ Saturday”

  1. Awesome! Great idea Lynch!

  2. …this is a great service, thank you!