Online petition launched to keep White Center storefront deputy

Want to help convince county leaders to keep the White Center Storefront Deputy position in the King County Sheriff’s Office budget? At the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council‘s recent public-safety forum (WCN coverage here), Sheriff John Urquhart warned that, while he supports continuing to fund the position, budget pressure could mean trouble – so he urged citizens to voice their support to leaders including County Executive Dow Constantine and County Councilmember Joe McDermott. And they in fact are the leaders to whom NHUAC’s petition on is directed. You can sign it here.

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9 Responses to “Online petition launched to keep White Center storefront deputy”

  1. Theresa Knight Says:

    We need as much security as possible in White Center. This is a transitional neighborhood and has the potential to get better or worse, depending on how much we invest in taking care of it. Keep the the Storefront Deputy position active!

  2. Kim Tabor Says:

    Please keep the storefront! It’s a wonderful comfort to have the presence in our rapidly changing neighborhood.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Adam Barone Says:

    Please, continue to protect and support the community in White Center. Conditions in this area are already bad enough. The lack of this presence would leave opportunity for more criminal activity.

  4. Every year we go through this cut attempt. Every year 100’s of people stand up and petition for the storefront and position to stay. It is a need in WC not a want. KCSO has promoted it’s self as a community oriented policing styled agency and to that the store front and position must stay based on that claim. Without the storefront and Deputy we will revert backwards and relive the broken window theory all over again.

  5. We need more police presence in this area as well as others.
    Please don’t take out Storefront Deputy away from White Center.

  6. Dick Thurnau Says:

    With all the vehicle traffic infractions occurring,illegal parking on residental streets,and from graffiti to Jay walking. White center needs more than just one store Front Deputy

  7. A store deputy is nice, but it is not a police precinct.
    The person, when there, can help out but that person doesn’t spend that much time at the store front, especialy with fewer deputies to cover more area.
    The TWO assigned parking stalls are very seldom in use.
    It seems like ONE parking stall would be adaquate for
    a part time deputy’s parking needs.

  8. ….In response to JB…While I do agree that the store front is not a police precinct, it is still a police presense and we sure need that in our community.

  9. Barbara Dobkin Says:

    The petition Is still active, and needs lots more signatures. Please consider signing, as public safety in White Center impacts everyone, not just the folks who own businesses or live there, but everyone and anyone who comes to White Center to eat, shop, practice yoga, or pick up medicine…there are also paper petitions at several of the businesses….thanks….