North Highline Unincorporated Area Council sets February 7th public-safety forum

Crime trends, crime prevention, and more – all in one place, one night, at the next North Highline Unincorporated Area Council Public Safety Forum, one week from tonight – 7 pm Thursday, February 7th. New location – here’s the full announcement:

Please plan on joining us for a Public Safety Forum on Thursday, Feb 7 at 7 pm at the Boys & Girls Club, 9800 8th Ave. SW in the Joe Thomas Room (behind the Greenbridge Library)

We are pleased to be hosting:
Sgt. Henry McLauchan of the King County Sheriff’s Dept. who will give a special presentation on the “Broken Windows Theory” and discuss how graffiti and other types of vandalism impact our community, as well as steps we can take to prevent and offset these problems.

Meet our new Liquor Control Enforcement Officer Lt. Tim Thompson who will provide updates regarding the states new marijuana legislation, as well as information regarding private liquor sales and distribution since the passage of 1-1183.

Chris Cody, owner of Herban Legends Collective in White Center, will fill us in on how citizens can get involved in the marijuana legislative process.

Nicki Maraulja, Crime Prevention Community Service Officer, will provide information to help you get started on forming a Block Watch – the effective program based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime.

White Center Storefront Deputy BJ Myers will provide updates on crime trends in the North Highline area and take questions regarding neighborhood concerns.

All are welcome.

Raffle items and light snacks provided.

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11 Responses to “North Highline Unincorporated Area Council sets February 7th public-safety forum”

  1. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …Kudos to NHUAC and Officer Myers, for all your dedication in improving our neighborhoods, and thank you to our Sheriffs for you service. I like many residents am having problems with the State run programs that support criminals (bet drugs were/are involved to bring them to their sorry selves) at the expense of law abiding people. Bottom line, could we look into filing a class action suit against the state or governmental agency, that allowed our neigborhood since 2005 to be a hot bed for these activities. A class action suit might even be enjoined with other counties, such as the Marysville couple whose home was foreclosed because of business failings that were from the home next door bought by a social service agency to house sex offenders. PLEASE LET’S join into a Class ACTION lawsuit, it is possible to take on Government entities and WIN.

  2. Conversations around this will be very powerful for our community. Lets keep up the momentum!

  3. I followed the link to their website but there isn’t any actual contact info!

    I’d like to let them know I want to help out with some signage to let people know about this event.

    Mago Signs 10032 16th ave sw email or call 206 762-3926

    Thank you for organizing this event!

  4. Hi! If you go to the “members” page – some of the members’ names are linked to their e-mail addresses. Probably the first place to start would be president Barbara Dobkin, whose address linked there is:

  5. …signs would be appreciated near Hicks Lake-WC Library neighborhood.

  6. …would love to attend, but have work conflict. Could anybody ask about the class action lawsuit if possible. Isn’t there a clause in the US constitution that states have the right to ensure the safety and welfare of its citizens, but it seems that special treatment and services are given to criminals/criminal activity at the expense of the rest of us. Near our neighborhood there are a couple of homes that appear sporadically lived in (12th SW), seems like this would afford the criminals potential hideways….

  7. …does White Center have a Chronic Nuisance Law, to go after the homeowner who houses problem people/activities? Could we get neighbors to begin a civil suit and have law enforcement started working up a chronic nuisance property action? This pressure has caused the problematic person to move out of the building and there have been no further incidents in the City of Seattle….

  8. Hicks Lake name was changed two years ago to Hicklin Lake which was the orginal name of an early settler to this area.We have asked for better signage for Lakewood Park / Hicklin Lake as too many people do not even know this facility exsists.

  9. King County, where White Center resides so “Independently”
    does not have a Chronic Nuisance Law.
    Please email, write, & call your KC Councilmen to ask that
    they make it possible.

  10. I just realized that our rules have been broken by one person trying to use multiple usernames with a single IP, pretending to be more than one person. All comments by that IP past the originals have been deleted. If you have something to say on a topic, while we do not require real names, we DO require that you use the same handle for that topic – it is wrong to try to mislead readers into thinking multiple people are “discussing” a topic when it’s really just one. Thanks. Also, to the person who claimed in a deleted comment that something should be flagged to the news media – we ARE the news media; our two sites, owned and operated by journalists with decades of experience, are the most-read news publications in West Seattle/White Center. If you think you have a story, send it to us at our main mailbox – Thanks.

  11. Our King County Rep., Mr. Joe McDermitt, should attend ALL NHUAC meetings, as he IS our representative to The King County Council.